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Electronics Design

E2M Technology’s electronics designs are generated using Altium Designer. Clients can view design files using free Altium Viewer, or Smart PDF format. Please contact E2M Technology for details.

Schematic Capture

Schematic capture design features:

1. EMC designed in

2. Certified components for critical design aspect

3. Design notes in schematic

4. Clear circuit layout

Bill of Materials

Careful consideration is given to the BoM:

1. Component availability

2. Component cost

3. Component lead times

4. Multiple component distributors sourced

PCB Layout

Printed circuit board designs from E2M Technology:

1. Up to 12-layer PCB designs

2. High component density layouts

3. EMC and electrical safety designed in

4. Anti-counterfeit design features


Firmware programming for on-board devices:

1. ARM core ICs, PICs, GALs

2. Fast electronic development

3. Test protocol signals

4. In-circuit update-able hardware


Schematic capture designs feature:

1. Prototype, pre-production and full production manufacture

2. In-house board population of prototypes for testing

3. Functional testing of boards

4. Test protocol generation

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