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EN55022 Equipment Radio Disturbance

THE scope of EN55022 is extended to the whole radio-frequency range from 9kHz to 400GHz, but limits are formulated only in restricted frequency bands, which is considered sufficient to reach adequate emission levels to protect radio broadcast and telecommunication services and to allow other apparatus to operate as intended at reasonable distance.

Limits are specified for the frequency range 9kHz to 400GHz for both class A and class B equipment:

Class A equipment is defined as primarily domestic equipment, but can be industrial equipment too.

Class B equipment is defined as industrial equipment.

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ESD damage to C2 MOS capacitor (x14300)

ESD damage to C2 MOS capacitor (x175)


The silent killer

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EN55024 Equipment Immunity

The standard EN55024 details requirements that will provide an adequate level of intrinsic immunity so that the equipment will operate as intended in its environment. The publication defines the immunity test requirements for equipment within its scope in relation to continuous and transient conducted and radiated disturbances, including electrostatic discharges (ESD). Tests for the measurement of equipment and limits are specified which are developed for ITE within the frequency range from 0Hz to 400GHz. For exceptional environmental conditions, special mitigation measures may be required. Owing to testing and performance assessment considerations, some tests are specified in defined frequency bands or at selected frequencies. Equipment which fulfils the requirements at these frequencies is deemed to fulfil the requirements in the entire frequency range from 0Hz to 400GHz for electromagnetic phenomena.

E2M Technology highly  recommends pre-compliance testing prior to full compliance testing. Pre-compliance is up to one day’s testing on aspects of a product’s design s that are cause for concern e.g. single fault conditions. Pre-compliance can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

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Mains cable conducted emissions 0.15-30MHz

Radio emissions 30-1000MHz