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IEC60950-1 Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is vital for any product that operates with a steady state peak voltage of 42.4V, or operates on 60Vdc. The de facto standard is the harmonised standard IEC60950-1. IEC60950-1 has been designed for information technology equipment. For Europe, EN60950-1 is the standard and for North America it is UL60950-1. For IEC60905-1, the CB scheme exists. CB is partial testing of a product to ease testing for countries that do not accept EN, or UL approval standards. Appropriate components for the respective standard must be considered at the outset of a given design.

Product designs must take into account not only normal operating conditions of the equipment but also likely fault conditions, consequential faults, foreseeable misuse and external influences such as temperature, altitude, pollution, moisture, over-voltages on the mains supply and over-voltages on a telecommunication network, or a cable distribution system.

The application of the safety standard is intended to reduce the risk of injury or damage due to the following:

Electric shock

Energy related hazards


Heat related hazards

Mechanical hazards

Chemical hazards

There are two types of persons whose safety needs to be considered, users (or operators) and service persons. For the protection of users, a product design should assume that users are not trained to identify hazards, but will not intentionally create a hazardous situation. Service persons are expected to use their training and skill to avoid possible injury to themselves and others due to obvious hazards that exist in service access areas of the equipment. Service persons must be protected from hazards.

E2M Technology highly  recommends pre-compliance testing prior to full compliance testing. Pre-compliance is up to one day’s testing on aspects of a product’s design s that are cause for concern e.g. single fault conditions. Pre-compliance can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

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