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About E2M Technology

E2M Technology is an electronics design consultancy business based in Cambridge. E2M Technology designs electronic circuits and printed circuit boards. Our designers are engineering degree qualified and hold Chartered Engineering status, with over twenty years design experience in the electronics market sector.

E2M Technology’s expertise is in eight key areas:

1. Complex electronics schematics for analogue and digital systems

2. Programming ARM, AVR and PIC devices

3. High component density, multi-layer PCB design

4. Design for EMC emissions and immunity standards

5. Design for high-voltage electrical safety standard

6. Product testing for pre and full compliance requirements

7. CE and UL product certification requirements

8. Project planning

We believe that great electronics products start with a good schematic design. The choice of components affects electromagnetic interference, cost, component availability and functionality. By taking these into account at the start of a design, unnecessary re-spins, long lead times and high cost can be avoided.

EMC is a legal requirement of any electronics, or electrical product being placed into at least the European market. A product’s emissions and immunity EMC must be considered at the schematic stage of a design and follow through to the PCB layout. At E2M Technology, we make EMC an integral part of any design.

Any product that operated above 42.4V peak, or 60Vdc, must comply with EN60950-1. E2M Technology has significant experience in selecting appropriate components, schematic design, PCB layout and enclosures for this standard.  EN60950-1 is an essential part of any high-voltage electronics product, especially power supplies. E2M Technology has the knowledge and experience to guide any product through pre and full compliance process.

Project planning is the link between engineering and marketing, production and management. E2M Technology can advise on product cost, intellectual property rights, Gantt chart scheduling and documentation relating to electronic device functionality and compliance certification.

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